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Package nz.central.ihub.ig
Type CodeSystem
Id Id
FHIR Version R4
Source https://fhir.org.nz/ig/tewhatuora/crih-fhir-ig/https://build.fhir.org/ig/tewhatuora/centralRegion-integrationHub-ig/CodeSystem-nzcr-allergy-reaction-a3a4-cs.html
Url https://standards.digital.health.nz/ns/central-region/allergy-reaction-a3-a4
Version 1.0.8-rc4
Status active
Date 2024-07-18T01:25:32+00:00
Name NZCentralRegionAllergyReactionA3A4CodeSystem
Title NZ Central Region - Allergy Reaction (A3, A4) Code System
Experimental False
Realm nz
Authority national
Description Allergy Reaction codes for categories A3 & A4; ex. WebPAS in NZ Central Region.
Content complete

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Generated Narrative: CodeSystem nzcr-allergy-reaction-a3a4-cs

This case-sensitive code system https://standards.digital.health.nz/ns/central-region/allergy-reaction-a3-a4 defines the following codes:

R01 Bee stings
R02 Hay fever
R03 Not known
R04 Nuts
R05 Medication


  "resourceType" : "CodeSystem",
  "id" : "nzcr-allergy-reaction-a3a4-cs",
  "text" : {
    "status" : "generated",
    "div" : "<div xmlns=\"http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml\"><p class=\"res-header-id\"><b>Generated Narrative: CodeSystem nzcr-allergy-reaction-a3a4-cs</b></p><a name=\"nzcr-allergy-reaction-a3a4-cs\"> </a><a name=\"hcnzcr-allergy-reaction-a3a4-cs\"> </a><a name=\"nzcr-allergy-reaction-a3a4-cs-en-NZ\"> </a><p>This case-sensitive code system <code>https://standards.digital.health.nz/ns/central-region/allergy-reaction-a3-a4</code> defines the following codes:</p><table class=\"codes\"><tr><td style=\"white-space:nowrap\"><b>Code</b></td><td><b>Display</b></td></tr><tr><td style=\"white-space:nowrap\">R01<a name=\"nzcr-allergy-reaction-a3a4-cs-R01\"> </a></td><td>Bee stings</td></tr><tr><td style=\"white-space:nowrap\">R02<a name=\"nzcr-allergy-reaction-a3a4-cs-R02\"> </a></td><td>Hay fever</td></tr><tr><td style=\"white-space:nowrap\">R03<a name=\"nzcr-allergy-reaction-a3a4-cs-R03\"> </a></td><td>Not known</td></tr><tr><td style=\"white-space:nowrap\">R04<a name=\"nzcr-allergy-reaction-a3a4-cs-R04\"> </a></td><td>Nuts</td></tr><tr><td style=\"white-space:nowrap\">R05<a name=\"nzcr-allergy-reaction-a3a4-cs-R05\"> </a></td><td>Medication</td></tr></table></div>"
  "url" : "https://standards.digital.health.nz/ns/central-region/allergy-reaction-a3-a4",
  "version" : "1.0.8-rc4",
  "name" : "NZCentralRegionAllergyReactionA3A4CodeSystem",
  "title" : "NZ Central Region - Allergy Reaction (A3, A4) Code System",
  "status" : "active",
  "experimental" : false,
  "date" : "2024-07-18T01:25:32+00:00",
  "publisher" : "Te Whatu Ora, Te Pae Hauora o Ruahine o Tararua, MidCentral",
  "contact" : [
      "name" : "Te Whatu Ora, Te Pae Hauora o Ruahine o Tararua, MidCentral",
      "telecom" : [
          "system" : "url",
          "value" : "http://https://www.tewhatuora.govt.nz/"
  "description" : "Allergy Reaction codes for categories A3 & A4; ex. WebPAS in NZ Central Region.",
  "jurisdiction" : [
      "coding" : [
          "system" : "urn:iso:std:iso:3166",
          "code" : "NZ",
          "display" : "New Zealand"
  "caseSensitive" : true,
  "content" : "complete",
  "count" : 5,
  "concept" : [
      "code" : "R01",
      "display" : "Bee stings"
      "code" : "R02",
      "display" : "Hay fever"
      "code" : "R03",
      "display" : "Not known"
      "code" : "R04",
      "display" : "Nuts"
      "code" : "R05",
      "display" : "Medication"

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