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Resource ValueSet/FHIR Server from package jp-core.r4#1.1.1-rc (63 ms)

Package jp-core.r4
Type ValueSet
Id Id
FHIR Version R4
Source http://jpfhir.jp/fhir/core/https://simplifier.net/resolve?scope=jp-core.r4@1.1.1-rc&canonical=http://jpfhir.jp/fhir/core/ValueSet/JP_MedicationMethodJAMIDetailUsage_VS
Url http://jpfhir.jp/fhir/core/ValueSet/JP_MedicationMethodJAMIDetailUsage_VS
Version 1.1.1
Status active
Date 2022-10-24
Name JP_MedicationMethodJAMIDetailUsage_VS
Title JP Core Medication JAMI Detail Usage ValueSet
Experimental False
Realm jp
Description JAMI標準用法規格表2用法詳細区分のの値セット
Copyright Copyright Japan Association of Medical Informatics (JAMI) 一般社団法人日本医療情報学会

Resources that use this resource

JP_MedicationAdministrationBase JP Core MedicationAdministrationBase Profile
JP_MedicationDosageBase JP Core MedicationDosage Base DataType

Resources that this resource uses

No resources found


  "resourceType" : "ValueSet",
  "status" : "active",
  "name" : "JP_MedicationMethodJAMIDetailUsage_VS",
  "id" : "jp-medication-method-jami-detail-usage-vs",
  "title" : "JP Core Medication JAMI Detail Usage ValueSet",
  "description" : "JAMI標準用法規格表2用法詳細区分のの値セット",
  "version" : "1.1.1",
  "url" : "http://jpfhir.jp/fhir/core/ValueSet/JP_MedicationMethodJAMIDetailUsage_VS",
  "experimental" : false,
  "date" : "2022-10-24",
  "copyright" : "Copyright Japan Association of Medical Informatics (JAMI) 一般社団法人日本医療情報学会",
  "compose" : {
    "include" : [
        "system" : "urn:oid:1.2.392.200250."
  "text" : {

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