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FHIR IG Statistics (1047 ms)

Datatype Profiles, Realm CO

5 resources

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hl7.fhir.co.CoreCOR4co-AllergyIntolerance-tipo TipoAlergiadraft2024-07hl7Extension
hl7.fhir.co.CoreCOR4co-address-zonaResidencia ZonaResidenciadraft2024-07hl7Extension
hl7.fhir.co.CoreCOR4co-pais Paisdraft2024-07hl7Extension
hl7.fhir.co.CoreCOR4co-patient-etnia Etniadraft2024-07hl7Extension
hl7.fhir.co.CoreCOR4co-patient-nacionalidad Nacionalidaddraft2024-07hl7Extension

XIG built as of 20 Jul 2024. Found 39422 resources in 655 packages.