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FHIR IG Statistics (218 ms)

CodeSystems, Authority National, Version R5

4 resources

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au.digitalhealth.cda.schemahttp://hl7.org/cda/stds/core/CodeSystem/BinaryDataEncoding Binary Data Encoding Code Systemdraft2024-07aucomplete
au.digitalhealth.cda.schemadh-HealthCareGeographicArea Health Care Geographic Areadraft2024-07aucomplete
au.digitalhealth.cda.schemadh-NctisAdminCodesDocumentStatus NCTIS Admin Codes Document Statusdraft2024-07aucomplete
au.digitalhealth.cda.schemadh-entitynameuse Entity Name Usedraft2024-07aucomplete

XIG built as of 24 Jul 2024. Found 38983 resources in 658 packages.