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Canadian Baseline (CA Baseline) FHIR Profiles

The goal of the CA Baseline specification is to expose the implementation guide author community and vendor community to a set of profiles that identify the data elements, code systems and value sets that are commonly present across Canada for a given FHIR resource (e.g., patient, medication, etc.) regardless of use case, jurisdiction or implementation.

version date FHIR Version Kind # Downloads
1.1.6-pre 2023-12-20 R4 ??kind (0) 55
1.1.6 2023-12-20 R4 ??kind (0) 54
1.1.5-pre 2023-05-03 R4 ??kind (0) 57
1.1.3 2022-10-11 R4 ??kind (0) 57
1.1.4 2022-10-26 R4 ??kind (0) 58

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