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This implementation guide is provided to support the use of FHIR®© in an Australian context, and defines the minimum set of constraints on the FHIR resources to create the AU Core profiles. This implementation guide forms the foundation to build future AU Realm FHIR implementation guides and its content will continue to grow to meet the needs of AU implementers. (built Sun, Mar 10, 2024 01:01+1100+11:00)

version date FHIR Version Kind # Downloads
0.2.2-preview 2023-11-16 R4 IG 192
0.3.0-ballot 2024-03-10 R4 IG 134
0.2.1-preview 2023-08-23 R4 IG 181
0.1.0-draft 2023-03-01 R4 IG 191
0.2.0-preview 2023-06-16 R4 IG 179

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